Brahmi is well known in the world because of its multiple benefits. The scientific name of the herb is “Bacopa Monnieri”. The word Brahmi is taken from the Sanskrit dictionary and the scientific name “bacopa Monnieri” is taken from the Latin. The other name of this herb is Thyme Leaved Gratiola which is its English name. Brahmi is known as a wonder herb in Yaurveda. It is also helpful to improve the mental functions as it is very much helpful in improving the mental functions and also the alertness. It also helps to prevent or even lessen the damage of the brain cells.

All over the world, Brahmi is considered a helpful herb that is very much helpful to relieve congestion and also lessen the strain on them. Also, it possesses the ushan virya potency, so that it is beneficial in reducing the vata dosha. Vata dosha is the main culprit who has done these types of problems. Even the Tickt rasa is present in it. So, it can easily penetrate into the tissues which are the provider of soothing feel.

Description- Brahmi is a plant whose leaves are tender as well as very juicy. Also, these are comparatively more solid. Its leaves are inversely lanceolate so that it to be precise is lance- shaped. Alsobraoscast above the middle and tapering towards the base. Its flowers are small and white in color and have about 4-5 petals. This is a popular aquarium plant as it can even be grown in water. The main areas where it grows are the marshy area of India, Nepal, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, China and also Vietnam. This plant can be found even in Florida and the southern states of USA. There it grows in damp conditions such as in ponds or in bog gardens.

Brahmi Health Benefits

Brahmi means that provides a complete knowledge of a Brahman. Also, it is the most important nervine herb that was used in the Ayurvedic medical world. It is helpful to revital brain cells and also removes the toxins as well as the blockage in the nervous system. Along with this, it also provides nurturing effects over the mind. It is essential to improve memory and also aids in concentration. Even the Himalayan Brahmi considered the effective food for those yogis who perform the meditation. You can have some fresh leaves of Brahmi daily as it will provide rejuvenating effects over the mind. It is also helpful to awaken the crown chakra and thus balance the right as well as left hemisphere of the brain. It has the ability to calm down the heart and also it acts as the guard against the heart attack.


Brahmi is helpful to guard you against addictions and bad habits. It also aids in the recovery of alcohol consumption and also in drug abuse. Those who are having sugar habits can kick the habit backward. It is the reason that Brahmi is used in main Ayurvedic medicines and also a nervine and an antiseptic agent. It helps to purify the blood and increases the immunity. Brahmi is helpful in always excess sexual desire. Those who are suffering from venereal diseases can get the help of this herb. There are a lot of reasons that why Brahmi is used medically. Some of the basic benefits are mentioned below:

  1. It is helpful in improving mental alertness as well as intelligence level. It can also make your mind calm and also has an appetite for stress. To increase the concentration level of mind, the herb is used for many years.
  2. Students who have bad learning capacity can have this wonder herb for an increase of mental capacity and learning ability too.
  3. Patients of sleep apnea or insomnia can have this herb is the herb puts excellent effects over the patients.
  4. It is the greatest stress reliever. So, it provides relax and make you feel comfortable and calm too. It also promotes the clarity and mental balance which is needed to be calm and also efficient. Efficiency is mainly needed in today’s busy world. It is effective for lessening anxiety and stress too. Thus it is very much needed for the active persons and also the students of all ages.
  5. Anxiety can also be decreased by taking Brahmi. Even mental fatigue can also be lessening by the intake of Brahmi as it is helpful in providing the freshness to the mind. Depression related issues can also be lessening by the intake of Brahmi.
  6. Brahmi is a wonderful rejuvenator so that it is very much helpful in getting back the lost energies of the body and also it makes you feel good as well as relaxed.
  7. This is a wonderful way to lower down the blood pressure level and also helps to keep it normal.
  8. Those who are having Brahmi get the normal body temperature which is a clear indication that the body is completely safe from the fevers and also hyperthermia.
  9. Most of the women in the world are suffering from the painful menstrual periods and for those, this is a wonderful herb as the herb is very much effective for the treatment of menstrual disorders and also relieves the pain by avoiding painful menses.
  10. People having a problem of cold or a cough can apply the Brahmi and get the safe as well as quicker results.
  11. As it is the greatest energy provider, so it is helpful to attain long life and also make you energetic as well as youthful. It also works as an antioxidant and that is the reason it retards aging and makes you look younger for a longer time.
  12. It is also an alertness promoter.

Brahmi Culinary Uses

Some of the culinary uses of the Brahmi are that it is used in Vietnamese cuisine. Even the Brahmi found in Vietnam is known as Rau dang and also it is used in Chao ca, which is a type of rice congee and also fish and nam tram mushrooms are used to make it off.

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