Tarragon herb

The tarragon herb has an incredible smell and flavor, so it’s no wonder that it is among the most appreciated and widely used herbs in the French cuisine. Some say that tarragon tastes like an interesting combination of licorice, fennel, and anise, with a slightly peppery note. Used for the preparation of scrambled eggs, grilled meat, leafy greens and potato salads, and stews, tarragon leaves, fresh or dried, bring health benefits as well, besides their contribution to a delicious meal. Just like many other herbs that should be used as spices for your food as often as possible the tarragon herb has all the qualities required for being on this list as well.

1. It is a great natural source of iron

A single teaspoon of ground tarragon leaves can provide approximately 0.52 mg of iron, which may not sound like an awful lot of iron, but it is still an impressive quantity considering the small portion of herb. We need iron to produce red blood cells, which help with providing sufficient oxygen to our cells. Women, in particular, are known to have iron deficiencies, so besides consuming foods that are rich in iron, adding this particular herb to your dishes is another delicious way to get more iron.

2. It provides precious vitamins and minerals

Tarragon leaves contain a decent amount of potassium, which is necessary for the adequate functioning of our muscles and the protection of our heart, calcium for healthy bones, and vitamin A for healthy skin and a good eyesight.

3. It works as a pain reliever

The mere fact of chewing tarragon leaves can help you ease the pain, especially if you have an aching tooth or pain in the mouth. You can get the same effect if you drink tarragon tea, so don’t avoid this method either.

4. It helps you enjoy a resting sleep

Do you have trouble with sleeping? Then it is worth knowing that the tarragon herb has calming properties, so a cup of tarragon tea before sleep will allow you to rest better.

Tarragon herb

5. It will give you a better appetite

If you have a hard time eating, not feeling in the mood for it, which affects your energy levels, tarragon may help. It is known for its abilities to stimulate the stomach and make you wish for food. So just introduce this herb into this diet and your appetite will change.

6. It will make your intestines work better while protecting them

Parasites don’t like tarragon at all, so by consuming tarragon you make sure that your intestines will be free of any intestinal parasites. Thus, this means that malabsorption or other intestinal issues caused by the presence of these parasites will be reduced.

7. It keeps your heart healthy and protected

Believe it or not, the tarragon herb does not allow platelets to form aggregates, which will significantly lower the risks any future strokes and heart attacks. So this herb is not just a great addition to your recipes, but also an amazing way to stay healthy while enjoying good food.

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