Botanical Name of Ashwagandha Herb: Withania Somnifera

Commonly Known as: Ashwagandha, Winter Cherry

Useful Parts: Dried Roots


Ashwagandha is a herb which need no introduction a the herb is been used in the world from about 4000 years. The herb’s Sanskrit means “smells like a horse”. Also the species name Somnifera has a meaning “sleep-bearing”. In Latin, the herb is considered as a sedative and also used to increase sexual vitality as an adaptogen. This is a vital drug in Ayurveda and it is a well known name in Indian traditional medicines. Medically, the herb is used to treat various infection diseases and also it has ability to treat some inflammation like arthritis and also tremors.


Ashwagandha is native to India, Pakistan and also Sri Lanka. This is a beautiful decilate plant. Its leaves are of deep green color. Its branches are limbs and also topped by yellow seeded flowers. It looks stunning in appearance and also it plays a magnificent role in Indian Medicine World as well as in Ayurveda. The herb Withania Somnifera has very long past and that is the reason it is also known as historic herb and used to treat various ailments.

In past time, the herb is used for the treatment of longevity, inflammation, sexual enhancement, tremors and for the treatment of infectious diseases. Also shoots of this historic herb are used in preparation of food. Also, its seeds are used in India for thicken milk. In African tribes, this historic herb is used for the treatment of various inflammations and fevers. It is crushed and used in traditional formula called Shilajit. If we look to properties then these are same with Ginseng. It is heat neutral so, has no cooling as well as warming properties. As the properties are same. Also it is warming herb like ginseng.



The ingredient list of the herb includes withanoloids and alkaloids. The withanoloids that lies in Ashwagandha is what that give him all medical properties as the with anoloids consists of steroidal molecules and they act as the fighters against inflammations. Many a times there are comparisons made between the Indian herb Ashwagandha and Asian Ginseng. So, there is a reason that it is called Indian Ginseng. Also, it has properties to increase the production of semen, bone marrow and also it inhibits the aging process.

In the modern time, the herb is used for many reasons. In some parts this is used to treat mental illness. Even there was a study done over anxiety suffers, in which they have given about 40ml doses two times a day which has major part of Ashwagandha. After a month, it is found that the paranoia and panic attracts by which the patients are suffering are almost disappeared.

Even the American therapists said that it is a excellent way to treat the patients of depression. Alcohol dependency and also schizophrenia can also be tackled by the help of herb. It is able to increase your memory and also learning skills. Even some surveys and experiments said that this is very much effective in overcoming tumors, inflammations and arthritis as this is an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor agent. It is also able to treat cancer condition.

Note: But the intake or dosage should be taken carefully because overuse of the herbal medicine can result in danger.


Benefits of the Ashwagandha:

  1. Withania Somnifera is able to give you physical fitness.
  2. If you are having pressure or have the problem of hypertension then you can take the help of this ayuvedic herb as it is very much helpful to provide you relief.
  3. The historic herb is a wonderful rejuvenator as contains rejuventor properties.
  4. This is a perfect anti-inflammatory.
  5. Withania Somnifera is great for relieving the arthritis pain.
  6. This is wonderful herb to enhance mind.
  7. Those who are having problems regarding sleeping or having insomnia can have this herb as it promotes the healthy and sound sleep.
  8. This magnificent herb is very much helpful in decreasing the high cholesterol level.
  9. The wonder herb is a great enhancer of mind functions.
  10. It helps to avoid the early aging of the body and the reason behind this is that it is a wonderful anti-aging agent.
  11. It helps to maintain the secretion of all enzymes in the body so, the body can work normally.
  12. It is a single herb which works like anti-stress adaptogenic action and so, that makes the physical work more efficiently. It is also helpful to tackle the stress of day today life. It is also able to increase the endurance and can work as a protection sheet for the effects of stress over body. It is very much helpful in relieving the stress issues like diabetes, hypertension, arthritis and also premature aging.
  13. Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb and so is known as the wonderful health tonic also it is known as restorative agent. If someone is suffering from general debility, exhaustion and fatigue and insomnia then he/she can took help of Ashwagandha.
  14. This is very much helpful in lessening the problems like stress, anxiety and also it is helpful to raise vigor as well as vitality. It is helpful to increase the both physical as well as mental presentation.
  15. It also have some of the traditional benefits as it is use as a mild purgative for relieving chronic constipation and also it was used to treat swollen glands since years.
  16. Ashwagandha have Ushan Virya in potency and also it has laghu means light as well as tickt means penetrating properties. It also contains some of the tickt, madhur and also katu rasa, so, that is a perfect combo of excellent properties and that is why used to treat several diseases.
  17. Also, it is Ushan Virya in potency so it works as a vata suppressant. So, it helps to relief several issues which are the result of vata dominance.
  18. It has hot potency, so there is no risk of kapha and it also rises the suppressing and makes unequal kapha dosha.
  19. The root of the historic herb has biochemical’s that have same properties like anahygrine, cuseohygrine, tropine and anaferine. It also has glycosides, withenolide among the starches and also in amino acids.
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