BT-36, as the name suggests, is a natural preparation of precious herbs for improvement in breast size and shape. Breasts are very important part of female`s personality and a female with small breasts never feels complete. Breasts start developing at the age of puberty under the influence of hormones in a girl`s body. These hormones help in breast size, develop pubic hairs, genitalia etc., and help in growing a girl child`s body to a complete female. Face and figure are two important points that are girls proud of.

In fact, everybody looks for a girl who has a beautiful face and attractive figure. Even this is very important for the confidence and future of a female. Many jobs demand figure and face both like hospitality industry, air hostess, modeling etc. So it is very important for a female to have attraction and confidence. A face is what we cannot change without surgery but breasts can be grown to full size by using natural and herbal medicines. BT-36 is a well-known brand for breast enlargement. It is made up of 100 % herbal ingredients and is completely safe for regular use at any age.

Ingredients of BT-36 Cream

The key ingredients of BT-36 are as following-

Gorkhmundi, Nagod, Haldar, Satavari, Avalpan, Nimpan, Gulabphool, Haldsakal, Uplet, Amla, Tal tel, Gokhary, Sukhad, Surajmukhtel, Bavachi, Nagarmoth, Phoodinapan, Methi, Anantmol, Ashwagandha, Ardusipan, Jethimadh, Katalomayu, Jasudhphool, Kachuro, Kapoorkachali, Taj, Alovera, Galo, Coconut oil, Dudhi, Valo, Wheat germ oil, karanjpan, Majith, Tulsipan in base

Directions to use

Clean the breast surface or after a bath, take some cream in your hands and spread on both hands. Then apply this cream on breasts with circular massage. Massage should be in both directions clockwise as well as anti-clockwise. Keep massaging till all cream is absorbed in the skin. Massage with gentle force and don`t squeeze the breast tissue. A regular massage of almost five to ten minutes is enough for good results. Repeat the procedure twice a day. One can apply the cream of its own but best is if some other can apply.

Uses of BT-36

BT-36 is a complete body toner cream. It is helpful in increasing breast size and reshaping the breast tissue. The herbal ingredients of BT-36 are very useful to uplift the saggy breasts and to enlarge the small, loose and underdeveloped breasts. Its regular massage helps in removing stretch marks to restores the elasticity and youth of breast tissue. It is known for promoting growth and size of breasts to give beautiful cleavage and perfect figure.

Side effects

BT-36 is completely safe and there is no any side effect. It can be used even during pregnancy and periods safely.

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