celery benefits

Apium Graveolens is biological name of celery. The plant belongs to the Apiaceae family. Celery was described by the Carolus Linnaeus when he has written something about celery in his Species Plantarum (Vol-1) in year 1753. Also, it closely relates to Apium Bermejo from the island of Minorca. It is one of the rarest plants in Europe. The findings of research studies reveal that fewer than 100 species of the herb are only remaining. There are several benefits of celery but before going into the detail of celery benefits, let’s have a look on its cultivation.

Cultivation and Types of Celery

Majority of the people use celery root as a vegetable. The plant of the Apium Graveolens grows to the height of 1m. The leaves are pinnate to bipinnate leaves and leaflets are about 3-6cm long and are 2-4 cm broad. The colors of the flowers of celery are creamy white and the diameter of the flowers is 2-3mm. Their production also takes place in dense compound umbels. The seeds are broad ovoid into globose and also 1.5-2mm long and wide. Celery nutrition is mainly present in its seeds.

celery benefits

In the areas of Northern America, the production of celery is commercially done by the varieties namely ‘pascal celery’. All those celeries are different from the wild species. They have stouter leaf stems. Cultivated celery has two classes i:e red and white. White celery has the best flavor and is very crispy and tender.

Wild form of the celery is termed as smallage. It has wedge shaped leaves and furrowed stalk. The plant has an earthy flavor along with a distinct smell. Usually these stalks are not taken but the leaves are used for the salad preparation. Its stalks have some acidic properties that are lost with cultivation. That is why the plant has a sweetish, mild and aromatic taste. This herb is cultivated as a vegetable of early spring and winter for past few years.

Facts about Celery Nutrition

Celery works wonder for those who want to lose the extra calories from their body. The herb is full of low-calories dietary fiber. It also has androstenone. The seeds of the celery are a wonderful source of calcium and that is the strong reason for those who don’t use animal products. Therefore, Celery nutrition is the best replacement of animal products. Individuals can also use it as cleansing tonic due to the celery nutrition.

celery benefits

Celery Benefits for the Manufacturers

Celery seeds are full of nutritious benefits. The seeds contain volatile oil which is very useful. This oil is used in perfumes, soaps and other pharmaceutical industries. It also contains an organic compound named as apiol. This is the reason celery is used for the purpose of seasoning.

Manufacturers can use celery salt (use either whole seeds or grounded seeds and mix salt in it) for many purposes. It contains an extract that is collected from the roots of herb. Manufacturers can use it in cocktails to enhance the flavor. Soup and sauce making companies can also use celery onions and bell peppers. Some pills also entail celery and are useful for the relief of pain from Aulus Cornelius Celsus.

Also, the seeds of the celery contain a compound named as 3-N-butyl-phthalide, which is helpful for lowering the blood pressure in rats. Celery has aphrodisiac properties, and that’s why it is used as an androsterone which is a metabolic product of testosterone. Celery seeds have a compound, bergapten, which is helpful in increasing the photosensitivity. That’s why avoid using the essential oil in the sunshine.

celery benefits

8 Celery Benefits for Human Body

Following are some of the most common benefits of celery for humans.

  • Benefits of Celery for Skin, Blood and Bones

For the treatment of Psoriasis, celery is often suggested because of its healing properties. The seeds of the celery work as a blood purifier and are also beneficial for arthritis.

Celery is very much helpful in lowering the blood pressure. You can combine this herb with different juices. Besides maintaining your blood pressure, there are some other benefits of celery.

  • Say Goodbye to Acidity

The celery juice contains some minerals which are effectively helpful for balancing the body’s blood pH, which is helpful in neutralizing acidity.

  • Celery Benefits for Athletes

Celery juice is a magical post workout tonic for athletes. It helps to replace the lost electrolytes and also provide minerals to the body.

  • Prevents Cancer

Celery is full of anti-cancer compounds. One such compound is Acetylenes, which is helpful for stopping the tumor cell growth. Phenolic acids, found in celery, are helpful in blocking the action of prostaglandins that encourage the growth of tumor cells. Moreover, coumarins are also helpful in preventing you from the harmful effects of free radicals.

  • Lowers Cholesterol

Are you looking for the ways to reduce your high cholesterol level? There is no need to worry as celery benefits can help you in this regard. Celery juice is useful in lowering the total cholesterol of the body.

Celery is helpful in providing you relief from constipation. It is a good source of insoluble fiber that often causes ache in your digestive tract.

  • Cooling effect

When there is hot and dry weather, you can just drink a glass of celery juice 2-3 times daily. Take this drink between your meals. It also helps to normalize the body temperature.

Side Effects Associated with Celery Nutrition

Today the world is very much aware of the uses and benefits of celery. But it must be kept in mind that some side effects can also be caused by celery. Some studies have also revealed that celery may constitute the risk of having skin cancer. Pregnant ladies should avoid celery oil because large doses of this herb can be harmful. Also, the cultivated celery seeds are not good to eat as sometimes they are treated with fungicides.

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