Why Cleardot is beneficial for Skin? Is that good for skin? There are many people who want to look fairer and beautiful. Especially girls run after fairness creams available in the market that is made up of harmful chemicals to get fair. These creams do make them fair in the beginning but with time patches and scars appear on their face. These creams contain chemicals that artificially make the skin fairer and its side effects then reappear in the form of pigmentation and patches.

Creams with harmful chemicals have also caused skin cancer to many people. Therefore it is important to understand what products you are using to keep your skin healthy, glowing and white. In Ayurveda, various herbs have been mentioned that are known to improve the skin texture and color naturally. Their daily application on the skin can make you fairer without any side effects. Since it is very difficult to find these herbs and use them in the desired quantity so using creams that are made up of natural products is helpful.

Benefits of Cleardot

Cleardot is a natural product that is made up of natural and effective herbs that helps in controlling the melanin content on your skin and hence makes you fairer. The ingredients used in this product are all natural and herbal and have been tested to produce guaranteed effects.

With natural white skin, one can look beautiful and boost her confidence. With regular application of the cream, one can see visible changes in her skin color and tone in a short period of time.

Composition of Cleardot

  1. Kumkumadi oil – 8 gm
  2. Chandan – 3.4 gm
  3. Mulethi – 3.4 gm
  4. Shavet durva – 2.8 gm
  5. Majeeth – 2 gm
  6. Vidari – 2 gm
  7. Haridra – 1.8 gm
  8. Kumara – 1.2 gm
  9. Neem – 1.2 gm
  10. Gulab – 1.2 gm
  11. Sarson – 1.2 gm
  12. Sariva – 0.6 gm
  13. Sughanda – 0.6 gm

Chandan is a wonderful herb that is known for its medicinal properties. Chandan has been used to revere god and goddesses. Chandan is known to treat skin problems and remove pigmentation and scars. Because of its known advantages and mention in Ayurveda, it has been used for centuries to make skin look fairer and smoother.

Neem is very effective in treating all skin problems. It is a blood purifier and kills all the toxins and harmful chemicals present in the skin. Neem is one of the ingredients of this wonderful cream and cures your skin from within.

Gulab or rose is known to have moisturizing properties. Along with nourishing the skin and retaining its natural texture it also helps in bringing a glow to the face. It helps in making the skin soft and supple. Gulab helps in keeping the skin free from all infections and protects it from pollution and dust.

Sarson is used to imparting a natural color to the skin and helps in preventing future tanning. Sarson is also known for its medicinal properties and helps in keeping the skin free from any kind of infections.

Cleardot is different from other over the counter creams that are treated with chemicals and helps in improving the color of the skin naturally with the help of herbal products.

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