Are you unable to reach deep orgasm? Are you unable to give your best during intercourse? Many of the ladies may deny the fact that the penis size of a man does not matter, but in reality, they know deep down inside that a bigger size of a penis is able to satisfy their earnest desires. A woman is not able to enjoy sex completely with a small size of a penis. A man may get great ejaculation but his small penis may not reach the erotic zone of the female to satisfy her completely.

Climax is a wonderful serum that is created using natural herbs and products to boost your manhood. With a larger size of the penis not only you would be able to enjoy better sex but you will also be able to feel great about it.

Why choose climax?

Climax is very different from other penis enhancement products, it is powered by nanotechnology that permits the ingredients used in it to be absorbed deeply by the penis tissue and increase its size considerably. The products are tested clinically by scientists and they approve that the product is able to increase the function and capacity of the Corpora Cavernosa, which is a penile tissue. As soon as the product is sprayed it helps in enlarging the penis and thus ensures enjoyable sex.

The quality products used to design Climax helps in providing the maximum penile enlargement.

Benefits of using Climax

Climax has several benefits apart from enlarging the penis size. The product also helps in improving the male libido and also assists in overcoming related health problems like erectile dysfunction, loss of sensation and premature ejaculation.  The product allows better flow of blood inside the body and allows more blood to reach penis during the peak time.


Properties of climax

  1. It is easily absorbed by the tissues near the penis and helps in providing an instant erection.
  2. It is known to release several androgen precursors immediately in the bloodstream that assist the testes to produce quality testosterone.
  3. It helps in softening the penile tissues and helps them to expand more than its usual size while having sex.
  4. The product also helps in releasing natural and potential vasodilators that work together to expand every corpus cavernosum and allowing it to expand bigger than its usual capacity.
  5. It helps in enjoying a better sexual session and maintains a great sex life.


  1. Lidocaine U.S.P 1.2 g


  1. Inert solvents and propellants q.s to 12 g
  2. Each metered dose delivers lidocaine U.S.P 5 mg

Direction for use:

  1. Shake well before use
  2. Spray climax to 3 to 4 times from 5 cm distance on the required area.

Climax is a blend of natural herbs that have been used in Ayurveda and are popular as a potent aphrodisiac that assist in improving male sex hormones and libido. It also helps in rejuvenating the male reproducing organs and systems to perform at its best during intercourse.

Why buy climax?

  1. Climax is a product that helps you in achieving the desirable size of your penis.
  2. It helps you in enjoying better sex life.
  3. It helps to save you from the embarrassment caused by the small size of a penis.
  4. It allows you to satisfy your partner completely.
  5. It is available at a very low cost in the market and because of its herbal preparation, it is better than other over the counter products.
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