Does anyone know about Cockroach Milk? Would you drink it? Here are some benefits why it is called as Newest Superfood. Dairy milk has become a major target of criticism over the past few years due to its long lists of negative side effects. Most of the health practitioners reported that patients are allergic to dairy products or these are suffering from intolerance to milk-containing foods. However, scientists are spending their days on researches for a perfect alternative to dairy products.

Thanks to Barbara Stay, a professor at the University of Iowa, who discovered a non-dairy alternative to regular milk. That contains four times the more protein as compared to a buffalo milk. Surprisingly, this milk is found in the midgut of Diploptera punctate (Pacific Beetle cockroach found in Australia), that is the only known cockroach to give birth to live young. These have been shown to pump out a type of ‘milk’ containing protein crystals to feed its babies.

cockroach milk

Although most cockroaches lay eggs the Pacific Beetle Cockroach is a species that gives birth to live offspring usually up to a dozen in a brood sac. Even though they don’t literally lactate since they aren’t mammals. They do feed their baby cockroaches with a secretion that has many similarities to the same kind of milk you pour on your cereals. So why would anyone want to drink cockroach milk? Certainly not because it sounds delicious but scientists claim this is some ridiculously healthy bug juice (unlike the sugar water “bug juice” you drank at summer camp). “The crystals are like a complete food – they have protein, fats, and sugar.”

The milk is comprised of all essential amino acids that the body needs for a cell growth. Moreover, if energy is something you’re looking after, you may find it in cockroach milk. The milk can give you a serious energy boost as it is highly glycosylated, which means that the surface of its protein is coated with sugar. A group of scientists revealed that milk protein crystals within the cockroach are actually loaded with nutritious benefits. Noting them as a “complete food” given their amino acid profile. This gives way to revitalizing the cellular structure within the body.

cockroach milk

While some people think cockroaches are icky or have a yuck factor, whereas people in some countries, eat them in daily food such as China. But there are real benefits of cockroach milk. However, further research is needed and of course, you don’t want to just go round up some cockroaches for their milk. Many insects carry disease and as with any food, allergies are a possibility. Scientists have firmly established that cockroach milk is highly nutritious, due to its crystalline structure. It’s better than other liquid kinds of milk out there, as the crystals retain all nutrients that may be lost during liquefaction. But scientists are not 100% sure about that crystals aren’t toxic for humans. However, you cannot expect this ‘superfood’ to hit the shelves of your city’s supermarkets any time soon. Here’s the question arises: Will you be comfortable drinking this superfood from Cockroaches?

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