The cases of people suffering from the problem of sex are increasing. People who are unaware of ways to keep themselves safe against the STD’s are usually acquiring these diseases unintentionally. In order to keep yourself safe, and enjoy healthy sex you need to enjoy healthy sex. It is very common to acquire sexually transmitted diseases from people while having sex. If you are having sex with someone for the first time then you are unsure about his physical fitness.

Using a condom keeps you on par and prevents you from acquiring any kind of transmitted diseases. Condoms are necessary to have sex even if you are making it with your wife. It not just gives more pleasure to a lady but also reduces your tension of ejaculating inside the vagina. The rubber condom does not allow the sperms to come out of the condom and thus helps in having healthy sex.

Why have safe sex?

Sexual pleasure is an essential part of everyone’s life. It is important to have safe sex or one may be affected by the deadly disease like STD’s and AIDS. A condom is an essential sheath that is made up of elastic rubber that helps you from attracting infection from people while having sex. HIV AIDS is a very harmful disease that is incurable and ultimately kills the person. Therefore, protecting yan ourself from this deadly disease becomes important. Condoms not just allow you to have safe sex but also keep your partner from conceiving. By ejaculating the discharge inside de your partner can make her pregnant anytime.

It helps in keeping you protected and also evades the chances of getting pregnant. Durex condoms are now available in various flavors and fragrances. Durex extra time condoms are specially made for those people who love to enjoy for long.

How does a condom help in having healthy sex?

  1. It saves you from deadly diseases.
  2. It helps in easy penetration of the penis
  3. It allows you to control your ejaculation from entering your partner’s vagina.
  4. It is easy to wear and very affordable.
  5. It is available in various flavors so that you can choose the one that you like.
  6. It helps in improving your sexual session and allows you to have erotic sex.


Why Durex?

Durex extra time condoms are made to last for long so that you can keep enjoying your love session throughout the night and spend unforgettable nights with your partner. The best time to put a condom is when male’s penis is in an excited state. It gets difficult to use it in an unexcited state. There are many female contraceptives available that women can take to avoid pregnancy but they do not provide the full guarantee. Condoms are easily available and can be kept handy. They are cheap and can be disposed of easily too. They do not have any kind of side effects on the body and can be used while making love. Durex condoms are tested in labs to check for complete protection and leakage.

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