Haritaki is a common herbaceous plant and is the main reason it is used in the preparation of many herbal and Ayurvedic medicines. An ayurvedic system to treat medical issues is what which was used from ancient periods of time. The way to treat problems is going to follow from many years. Also, this treatment method also includes some holistic methods that are used to treat health issues and also it helps to maintain as well as promotes health. Haritaki is also known with some other names such as Terminalia Chebula, Harad, Myrobalan.

Medical Uses

There are many of the Ayurvedic medicinal formulations can be prepared from the fruits of the Haritaki plant. Haritaki plant contains an extract which is rich in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Also, for inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi such as E.coli, the herb is used. E. coli is an organism which is the main reason for different types of infections like urinary tract infection. It has some powerful effects over the parasites like Amoeba giardia and many more.

Resources- The Haritaki extract is used for the Ayurvedic formulations. The infectious diseases can be easily treated by this. Some of the diseases for that treatment the herb is good are leucorrhoea, pyorrhea, chronic ulcers, and some fungal skin infections. Also, some of the surveys said that the oil which can be obtained from the kernel of the Haritaki plant also has some of the substances, which are helpful in increasing the motility of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, it is a similar action to castor oil. Also, it works as a natural cleanser of the digestive system. It is helpful in increasing the functions of liver-spleen as well as the colon. So, is the reason, it is used as a digestive tonic.

There are a lot of clinical trials were undertaken on the patients who have chronic constipation. An extract can be obtained from the herb which is helpful in evacuating the bowel and also it increases the frequency of stool. The herb is used for the combinations with some other herbs too. As a combination results in Triphala. This is a wonderful anti-aging herb. To increase the body’s immunity, the herb is also used. Haritaki is also used as an expectorant and tonic too. It has some anti-mutagenic properties too. For the treatment of mouth ulcers, asthma, stomatitis, cough, skin problems, leprosy, candidacies, and gastroenteritis etc.

For getting rid of intermittent fever, rheumatic fever and pain, arthritis and wounds, the herb are used. It is also one of the best herbs known for the treatment of Vatadosha. It is a herbal home remedy for flatulence, indigestion-like Vata disturbances. Haritaki is a good herb for improving alertness and intelligence of a person. Those who have weak digestion and the ladies who are pregnant should not take the herb. This is also wonderful for bleeding gums, dental caries, ulcerated oral cavity, and other mouth problems.

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