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Allergic bronchitis is a type of asthma that obstructs the airways when bronchitis or the passage of air of lungs is filled up with a mucous in an asthmatic attack. The problem causes a lot of irritation and the person suffering from this disease may not be able to breathe properly and feels restless. There are millions of people suffering from this disease. The problem can be chronic and it has to be treated urgently or else the person may feel exhausted and tired. The problem is treatable if it is short term. In the case of allergic bronchitis, the symptoms of both allergies and asthma are present that can lead to allergic rhinitis and hay fever.

What is Himalaya Bersol?

Himalaya Bresol is a combination of several herbs that have been handpicked to treat the root cause of the problem. It contains Ayurvedic herbs like haridra, tulsi, and triphla which are known have a great effect on solving the problem of allergic bronchitis. With its amazing herbs, a person not just gets rid of the allergy but the immune system of his body also improves. Which also helps him in fighting off the germs and bacteria causing allergy more strongly.

Why Himalaya Bresol?

The medicine has been tested and proved effective by the scientists to reduce the problem of allergic bronchitis. Himalaya Bresol is a mixture of several herbs that do not produce any kind of side effects on the body. These medicines have been used in Ayurveda to treat problems related to asthma. Now have been used in this herbal medicine to give you the medicinal formula of ancient people.

Allergic bronchitis is very different from non-allergic bronchitis. It is usually linked with flu or severe cold. Bronchitis occurs in the body when the overly active immune system takes harmless substances and releases antibodies to fight with them. Exposure to allergens causes allergic bronchitis and the non-allergic bronchitis is usually caused by a bacteria or virus.

Symptoms of Allergic Bronchitis

The symptoms of this disease may include
✓ Shortness of breath,
✓ Rashes,
✓ A runny nose,
✓ Tickling in the throat,
✓ Red or swollen eyes,
✓ A headache,
✓ Congested chest,
✓ Coughing,
✓ Nausea,
✓ Constant sneezing, etc.

The problem may get worse at nights. Taking Himalaya Bresol two times a day can help you reduce your problem of allergic bronchitis. It can be avoided by taking Himalaya Bresol on daily basis and can be easily cured in 1 to 2 months depending on the seriousness of the case. It is important to take advice from your doctor before start consuming food in excess or following any exercise regime.

A person suffering from allergic bronchitis must avoid roaming in dust and pollution. Also must keep his face and nose covered while outside so that no dust or polluted air enters his lungs and makes him sick.

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