Shilajit is a herbal remedy which is helpful to improve the health conditions and also if you are taking other supplements then it would perform a smooth platform for them to work better. It is helpful to increase stamina and provides you the power to do things whatever or wherever you want.

In Ayurveda, Shilajit is considered with a name “Rasayana” which works as a rejuvenator which makes the body more immune, more vital and more powerful. This herb has come from the Himalaya’s Mountains. That is the reason most of the ayurvedic doctors prefer this. Also, this is purely vegetarian.

Shilajit is well known in the world because of its power of gold, ashwagandha, musli, saffron, and some other ayurvedic herbs. This herb is for those who want to look young as it is also called the youth of foundation. This is one of the best anti-aging herbs. Another thing is that this herb is also helpful to promote and improve sexual power. So, you can take help from it and become youthful forever.

Shilajit is a kind of sticky, thick substance which is coming out from Himalaya. An old reading said that Shilajit was known as power increaser of a body, controls aging, blood sugar modular even in past centuries. Even nowadays it proves helpful in the treatment of healing of small wounds, diabetes, libido increaser, immune builder, recovering fractures and most importantly, it helps to make you so strong from inside so that you are able to fight with some common diseases. It is very effective for the treatment of blood pressure, weight loss, joint issues, and arthritis. It can also compensate for the deficiency of minerals and body’s debility.

Some of the Benefits of Shilajit are mentioned below.

Shilajit Benefits:

  1. Many doctors use Shilajit for the treatment of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) as it helps to normalize the blood sugar level.
  2. Progression of protein and nucleic acid metabolism is done very rapidly by Shilajit. Also, it excites the energy providing reactions which plays important role in doing daily activities.
  3. Oja which is the essence of energy (central energy), plays important role in sexual energy and spiritual energy. Those who are taking Shilajit found this energy in them.
  4. Everybody must have the strong immune system as it is helpful to fight against the external agents those are the main culprit to make you ill. One who is taking Shilajit will definitely raise the immune level and will become free from diseases for the longest time.
  5. The patients who are very weak are precribedShilajit by doctors because it helps them to overcome the long sickness or problems from any of the surgical issue.
  6. Also, Shilajit is the supporter of the movements of minerals and vitamins. Mainly it supports the phosphorus (P), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg) in muscles as well as in bones and makes them endurable plus muscular.
  7. Those who have any kind of mental illnesses like depression, migraine, stress, epilepsy, mental tiredness, and convulsions then you can take help of Shilajit to get rid of the problem.
  8. Shilajit is an excellent blood purifier because of its antimicrobial properties.
  9. Those who are having LBP (lower back pain) can get rid of pain with the help of shilajit.
  10. Shilajit is helpful to cure the problem of anal fistulas, piles, and fissures.
  11. It is a powerful anti-aging agent so that Shilajit helps to keep you younger for a long time.
  12. Arthritic conditions like amavata or rheumatoid arthritis (RA), sandhigata or osteoarthritis (OA), vatarakta or gouty arthritis, as well as joint issues, can be treated with the help of Shilajit.
  13. It purifies the impure blood to pure as it has antimicrobial properties.
  14. Shilajit is an anti-inflammatory agent and thus because of having same pharmacological properties as in a glucocorticoid, betamethasone, with any of the side effects.
  15. It is an excellent thing to increase male’s stamina and strength. It is an aphrodisiac agent. So, it enhances the male’s health. It also helps to increases the sperm count and their quality too.
  16. As Shilajit has ushnavirya (hot potency) so that it helps to repress pain and thus provide relief from all diseases that are associated with vata vitiation.
  17. It helps to cure nervine diseases like hemiplegia and paralysis etc because of having a property to intensify the nervous system.
  18. Extra adipose tissues those are related to fat are scrapped by shilajit. So tattered a clear indication of weight loss and invitation to slim, healthy and beautiful physique.

Shilajit Dosage

A dosage of the Shilajit is accordingly as physicians prescribed it to you with your needs. Most of the people are prescribed 1-2 capsules of shilajit with a glass of milk every day. There is no contraindication about the consumption of Shilajit and it is completely safe.

Information about Shilajit- It is a herbal mineral kind of herb and that also oozes out from the cracks of mountains and the time period for this is summer period. Mineralogy says that “Shilajit is oxygenated with hydrocarbon and of diverse types, and also Amorphous is nature G=1-1.8, and the luster is that of black pitch. Also, the melting point of Shilajit is about 90-100 degree Celsius and when it burns giver brighter flame. It can be easily soluble in turpentine oil. The liquid state of Shilajit is full of humic acid because of a vegetal substance resulting from roots.


There are many false materials exists which make resemblance with the herb. Those who have lack of knowledge about the herb bought it. Its benefits are even recognized by the physicians and that is why they recommended this wonder herb. Around 3000 traditional ayurvedic physicians use Shilajit for the treatment of patients. In ancient Ayurveda, there are two types of Shilajit mentioned. One of them is sun drying Shilajit and another one is Shilajit which is dried through the aid of fire. Sun drying Shilajit is the slower process but preferable because if Shilajit is dried with aid of fire then it lost some of its properties and even some of the properties are evaporated.

So, Take help of this miracle herb-Shilajit and make your life diseases free.

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